Somewhat more than you wanted to know
by and about
Ken Knowlton
USA (1931 - 2022)
(artwork at

"Achievements" include a dozen or more: years of public education, years of advanced education, grandchildren, moves to another state, foreign countries visited, quadruples of states visited, years at Bell Labs, years of research elsewhere, years making seashell mosaics, workshops attended in other mediums, and truckloads of trash contributed to landfills. (Further details in Short Bio.)

        Brief Manifesto
        Portrait of the Artist as a Young Scientist
        On Frustrations of Collaborating with Artists
        Flag Desecration: Scenarios and Questions for Lawmakers

        God (under construction, of course, ETA* TBD)
        Half Truths of Special Relativity (in re-write, ETA* 11/07)
        A Call for Mosaic Art
        Great Day In the Evening (Bad times ahead)

Letters to the Editor (under construction, ETA* 3/08)

Favorite Quotations
        Art      Vision       Philosophy      History       The Future      Mathematics      
        Science      Experimentation       Technology      Computers

Inventor's Notebook
(under construction, ETA* 6/08)

Artwork Methods Notebook (under construction, ETA* 8/08)

For Relatives and Friends, Historians and Archivists
        Snapshot Scrapbook (under construction, ETA* 10/08)
        Early Years (1930's & 1940's)
        Selected Papers
        Films and Book Chapters
        Selected U.S. Patents
        Art Shows
        The Press
        Other Events

*inquiries/encouragement may advance this priority